Come and experience Community Baptist Church. Here you will find a family of true Christian believers devoted to the sharing of the Gospel.
Located in the Lower Valley area of El Paso, Texas, Community Baptist Church is a place of fellowship where you can grow spiritually in your walk with God. If you are new to the El Paso area or are looking for the right place for you and your family, then we invite you to come and worship with us.

Mission Statement

It is the God-given mission of Community Baptist Church to be a sanctuary where all people - no matter where you are in your walk - are welcome. It is our mission to share the true and living Word of God with our community and with the world. We faithfully strive to be learned disciples spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We vow to be a family of Christian believers who seek to continually elevate our understanding of the Bible. We desire, as we move towards Christian maturity, to be a shining example as we emulate the character of Jesus Christ. We desire to inspire and encourage men and women to discover, develop and utilize their gifts, in ministry, for the building of the Kingdom of God.


From The Pastor's Desk

Inspirational words from the teachings of our Pastor, Reverend Gregory Arthur.

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Happy 57th Anniversary Community Baptist Church!Join us as we celebrate 57 years of service to the glory of God.

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